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Cholesterol is produced in the liver and is used to repair and maintain cell membranes and manufacture steroid
hormones, vitamin D and bile acids. Fighting high cholesterol with chemicals is a very bad idea.
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05/04/15 Hey ladies, did you know that pencil eyeliner ingredients often include petroleum-based
waxes and oils, silicones and gums to stick the eyeliner to the eyelids? These chemicals migrate to the eye itself via
blinking, sweating and the natural secretion of body oils and tears - and, the older the makeup, the more bacteria is
found in it. In the latest study of people applying eyeliner inside the lash line, scientists found that within five minutes,
up to 30% more unnatural particles moved into the tear film of the eye versus applying it outside of the lash line. It
grows even worse if the subject wears contact lenses because this forms a residual build-up on the contact lens
itself; causing vision disruption as the lens becomes cloudier (accompanied also with a greater residue of unfriendly
bacteria). People using eyeliner, and especially people who apply it to the inner eyelid, run a much higher risk of
contaminating the eye and causing eye dominance problems, hyperopia, mycosis, bacterial infections and
sometimes permanent vision trouble or blindness. Oh, and lets not even begin to discuss the lead and other metals
used to make eyeliner colors more vivid and long-lasting…
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Food and Nutrition: 04/28/15 Organic corn? Good luck with that one… Corn relies on the wind to cross-
pollinate. The problem is that organic corn can pollinate off of GMO corn crops many miles away. (Technically, if you
plant “organic corn”, you get to call it “organic” even if it is contaminated by GMO crops growing downwind - and
that’s what you get nowadays.) Europe tests all organic-grown corn before shipping and when transgenic
contamination is found, it is refused. Well, how about you? Don’t you want to know if your “organic corn” is GMO
contaminated? My guess is that it is. But, here’s where the plot twists: Researchers have developed a way to
preserve the integrity of organic corn by isolating a genetic trait from popcorn that won’t allow the mutant ninja GMO
corn to infiltrate other nearby corn crops. One developer, Frank Kutka, calls his corn breeding brain-child “Organic
Ready corn”, a salvo against Monsanto’s genetically-modified Roundup Ready products. Now we wait for the
marketing to catch up to the demand.
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Medical Madness:

04/29/15 The modern vaccine herd immunity theory is actually only a hypothesis and not a
theory. Originally coined in the 30’s by a researcher studying measles patterns (long before the measles vaccine),
the assumption was that epidemics of measles only occurred when natural immunity levels in the ‘herd’ fell below
68%. Hedrich’s ‘herd immunity theory’ was all about natural disease processes and had nothing to do with
vaccinations. However, some decades later, vaccinologists appropriated the phrase and imposed a completely
conjured number that increased their herd immunity numbers to 95% of vaccinated kiddos. Because of this and so
much other industry propaganda and misinformation concerning childhood diseases and immunizations, the
unvaccinated child is often treated like a pariah in society and the parents categorized as criminals. Here’s a thinker
for you: If vaccines actually work, why should you be afraid of my unvaccinated kid in the first place? Oh, and that
95% number hasn’t worked out either.
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04/30/15 Milk thistle has silibinin in it. Silibinin made the news at
the 2015 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting where a recent study shows that
taking the purified form of milk thistle significantly slowed the growth of colorectal cancer. It turns out that silibinin
found in milk thistle is a non-toxic, chemopreventive agent. Milk thistle is also great for treating liver and gallbladder
problems. Add to that heart benefits, lower cholesterol levels, better blood glucose management, soothing for
digestion and many other health boosts and milk thistle is a must-have for just about anyone’s health supplement
cabinet. Pregnant or nursing? Milk thistle cleans toxins out of mommy’s body for a healthier baby and milk thistle
promotes production of milk while decreasing pesticide residues in breastmilk. Just WOW
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05/01/15 Airborne trivia: Did you know that people coming down with a cold can spread
the virus for two days before the symptoms even start and for four days afterwards? Adults usually catch two or three
colds each year but school-age children often have twelve or more colds in a year. The best time to fight a cold is
before it catches. Good diet and extra GMO-free vitamin C helps a lot.
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