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At home test for Thyroid and Adrenal function

             Basal Body Temperature Chart


At home test for Thyroid and Adrenal function

Taking the Basal Body Temperature

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It is BEST to have a “shake down” thermometer.  Digitals may be used but are definitely not as accurate and thus throw the whole process off.  Drug stores carry ovulation/Basal Body digital thermometers which are possibly ok but sometimes show hugely inaccurate fluctuations.  I cannot stress enough the importance of a good thermometer as this will be the guiding light of treatment.  You will not want an inaccurate thermometer as this will be your testing “lab”.

* Shake down thermometer the night before and place on nightstand.
* The very first thing upon awakening in the morning, place thermometer in armpit for 10 minutes or if digital, until it beeps.
* This must be done before getting out of bed, stirring about, etc.  If forgotten about, then skip this day and take temperature the next morning.
* Record temperature on graph sometime during the day and shake down thermometer again to repeat the following morning.
* If temperatures are stabile and do not vary more than two tenths of a degree, then take temperature for 5 to 7 days. 
* If the temperatures vary more than several tenths, then record for 7 to 10 days.
* Women get the most accurate readings on the 2nd to 3rd day of menses and following.
* Very young children may have a rectal temperature taken and the scale will be adjusted to account for the fact of an increased temperature.
* Best to take temperature after 12 hours of no food, exercise, or sexual excitement.

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