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Natural Cancer Treatments


How cancer starts in the body

What is Cancer?

Cancer… The very word can strike fear into the heart of the noblest warrior. Finding out you have cancer usually brings with
it one question: “How long do I have?” When we find out a loved one has cancer, we often wonder; “How long do they
have?” Cancer is a horrible enemy, consuming alive the young and the old, the successful and the poor, the meek and the

Cancer is seemingly indiscriminant and not generally linked to genetics.1 Cancer lurks like a demon in the depths of the
body, brooding, festering and gathering silent momentum. For a lot of people, cancer = fear. Fear is a tool of intimidation.
Fear is conceived in ignorance and, nurtured with misinformation until it finally blossoms into destruction.  Fear is reactive.
Fear’s only purpose in life is to motivate negatively.  Fear is sand in the machinery of life. Fear is both abrasive and
corrosive, eating at our very life force, while wisdom brings strength for defense and ultimately life. Wisdom is proactive.
Wisdom is acting out of understanding and respect for consequences and brings wisdom and deliverance.

A tumor is a growth of tissue that has no physiological function and comes from a rapid proliferation of cells. A malignant
tumor is a growth that has a tendency to produce deterioration or death. Metastasis it the process whereby a certain
cancer, like lung cancer for instance, invades another body system, like the bone, and then has to potentiality to invade yet
other tissues, like the brain, liver, intestines and etc. Cancer does not cause death unless and until it interferes with critical
body functions or causes a secondary septicemia (blood poisoning) that the immune system is too weak to fight. Many
deaths attributed to cancer mortality statistics are actually caused by the treatment of radiation and chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy alone accounts for 25% of all “cancer deaths”.4

Bottom line, cancer is tissue rot. Cancer is a symptom of something gone horribly wrong in the body. Medical science calls
it a disease but according to the pathology of cancer it is technically a result of a disease process in cellular catabolism.
Cancer is the culmination of years of abuse of diet and nutrition, years of toxic buildup and from compromised elimination.
Because of this conclusion that cancer is merely a symptom, we find that medical science concerning cancer is founded
on the false premise that cancer drugs are something that cures cancer and that cancer can be cured when the right drug
is found.  Clear the Toxemia and the body cures the cancer. A “cancer cure” is NOT just surviving cancer to breathe just
one more day in your life. In conventional medicine treatment terms and statistics, the “cancer cure” really means “alive
after 5 years”. That could be 5 years and one day alive on life support with no hair and half a brain and it is touted as
success. In a real world standard, cancer cure would surely mean remission of cancer and restoration of the normal body
detoxifying processes.

Where cancer starts

Before any cancer cell can take hold, there is a normal cell with normal chromatin in the DNA and normal proteins making
up the cell nucleus. Chromatin is a protein complex that both packages DNA and strengthens DNA to allow mitosis  (cell
division) and meiosis  (dividing of the chromosomes). In other words, chromatin controls gene expression  and DNA
replication. In the cell nucleus, normal gene inactivation depends on the recruitment of various enzymes to control the DNA
within the chromosome. Many different toxins and metals interfere with these required enzymes, leading to uncontrolled cell
growth. Vitamins are critical cofactors in all enzyme production. Without certain vitamins, the process shuts down. Taking
isolated forms of vitamin supplements causes shortages in the entire vitamin complex and can affect thyroid production.

Heavy metals that are immunosuppressant and can actually cause cancer are: Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Aluminum, Iron,
Arsenic and Uranium. These deadly and silent invaders cause suppression and/or deregulation of the immune system,
leading to a ten-fold increase in cancer mortality. (Blumer, W. and Cranton, E.) Also of note is that most vaccines contain
aluminum salts as an adjuvant to “improve immune reaction” to vaccine mediums. These vaccines with aluminum salts
injected into our muscles are a huge cause of aluminum buildup in our cells which directly interferes with metabolic
processes.6 Multiply to this equation, fluoride, and you have a cancer soup. Fluoride ions supplied in our everyday drinking
water and dentifrices combine with aluminum to form cancer causing aluminum fluoride in the body.7

Once the bad bacteria balance occurs and fungus sets up shop, the intestinal wall becomes leaky, allowing partially
digested foods, bacterium and allergens to cross into the blood. Now the already weakened immune system has double-
duty to perform trying to clean up the gut while tracking down these new threats to the body.

Cancer is a disease of inflammation (remember though, it is really not a disease but rather a symptom of something gone
badly wrong in the body). The gut compromise and leakage of particles into the blood causes inflammation all through the
body. Chronically inflamed organs become targets of heavy metals, viruses, bacterium and fungus. Your body will naturally
have stronger and weaker organs from genetic predispositions and injuries.

To properly utilize thyroid hormones in the body there are four basic and very important processes that have to occur: initial
production of thyroid hormones, transport to and across the cell membrane, conversion from T-4 to T-3, and finally,
transport into the cell nucleus. A breakdown in any one of these processes will cause symptoms of hypothyroidism that can
lead to cancer. Two main factors that cause these interruptions are: 1) toxic accumulations of metals, chemicals and
waste; 2) critical shortages of vitamins and minerals.

Selenium deficiency is one of the biggest mineral shortfalls in thyroid production. Selenium is an integral component of two
important enzymes, glutathione peroxidase and iodothryonine deiodinase. Selenium is used in the body to remove mercury
which, when the body is mercury toxic, further depletes selenium reserves. Notably, selenium deficiency in study rats
decreased critical thyroid enzyme activity by 90%.

In order for our body to properly digest any food and thoroughly utilize the food’s constituents, the food needs to be
“complete” and in its original form. Incomplete food means that it has been refined, changed and stripped of some or all of
its nutrients. This changes the way your body digests the incomplete food causing the body to borrow any missing co-
factors (like vitamins or minerals for instance) from another part of the body to use in digesting the food. In other words, if
the food is not whole and natural, it can cause vitamin, mineral, enzyme and other deficiencies in the body as it does its
best to digest an incomplete or altered food. Processed foods cause depletion of body nutrients. When isolated nutrients
and even fake vitamins are added to processed/incomplete foods, the new version of food is often called “fortified”. Fortified
does not mean “improved” at all because an incomplete food causes digestive deficiencies. Eating fortified foods are a big
no-no if we want to recover and maintain our good health. Complete foods are a must to battle the symptoms of cancer.

Processed foods almost always contain sweeteners. Almost any label you read has corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup,
sugar and artificial sweeteners and flavors. These add a toxic burden to the liver. High fructose syrup in any form is
metabolized exclusively in the liver. And when the liver is overburdened it is forced to store the excess toxins and high
fructose syrups in fat cells. This causes inflammation in the liver and compromises your body’s biggest detoxing organ.

Mammograms cause cancer

In mammography alone it has been found that mammograms cause more cancer than it finds. According to Russell L.
Blaylock, MD, it is estimated is that annual radiological breast exams increase the risk of breast cancer by two percent a
year. So over 10 years the risk for cancer will have increased 20 percent. During X-rays and other medical procedures,
radioactive iodine will be readily taken up by your thyroid gland, especially if you are deficient in iodine already. British
researchers looking into the alarming rise of this unusual thyroid cancer found that patients who've been X-rayed 10 times
or more have 5.4 times the thyroid risk when compared to those smart enough to avoid dental X-rays. A mere five to nine
dental X-rays will quadruple your risk, and getting zapped with X-rays four times will double your risk.

Mercury fillings cause cancer

Did you know that mercury amalgam filling material is handled as a toxic substance before it is put in your mouth,
considered “safe” while it resides in your mouth, but is a toxic substance again if it is ever removed from your mouth? The
only time it is considered “safe” is while it is in your mouth??

Some natural cancer alternative treatments

Some of the altenative cancer treatments include: acupunture, amalgam removal, coffee enemas, colloidal silver IV
therapy, colon hydrotherapy, enzyme therapy, essential oil therapy, Gerson therapy, heavy metal IV chelation therapy,
hyperthermia, infrared sauna, juice fast, light therapy, naturopathic medicine, ozone IV therapy, pH therapy, stem cell
therapy, stress reduction, targeted nutrition, targeted supplementation, thyroid support, UV light therapy, vitamin C IV
therapy, yoga and other therapies.

Overcoming cancer

Health is a lifestyle. It is not a whimsical pursuit of on-again off-again diets or taking of vitamins because so-and-so said to.
Good health is cultured and nurtured. Good health also means overcoming health challenges every time they come up and
not just suppressing symptoms. A strong immune system means less illness and quicker recovery times. Ideally, your
body will encounter bugs and viruses and deal with them and you never even realize that they were there.

Cancer treatment option articles

4 According to a 2011 study done by the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Deaths
6 PEDIATRICS Vol. 97, 1996, pp. 413-416
7 Neurological Impact Of Fluoride Toxicity

Authored by Cancer Nutritionist Craig Stellpflug NDC, CNC
Dayspring Cancer Clinic Scottsdale, AZ
Copyright 2012 Craig Stellpflug© Permission is hereby granted to copy and distribute this article but only in its entirety

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How cancer starts in the body
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