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ADHD Drug Alternatives Problems associated with ADHD med and natural solutions

Allergy Barriers What are some of the real causes of allergies and what to do about them

Antibiotics and Immune System Compromise How antibiotics destroy our immune systems and set us up for cancer

Astragalus: The Unsung Cancer Fighter

Auditory Challenges How the hearing pathways develop in the brain

Autism: The Rising Tide of Autism What is causing the epidemic of autism that is getting worse with each rising generation?

Basal temerature chart for the thyroid Chart for tracking the morning body temperature readings to assess thyroid and adrenal function

Basic Brain Development and Cortical Spillage How the brain develops and what causes cortical spillage

Biocranial Therapy What is biocranial therapy, how the cranium works and what goes wrong with it.

Birth Plan Basic hospital birth plan to put the parents in control of the birthing process

Blood pressure meds are worthless Blood pressure meds can do more harm than good.

Bone Health and Bone Scans How to maintain healthy bones with or without a bone scan and medication.

Brain Myelination Processes How the developing brain grows the protective insulation

Breast Cancer Lecture Notes Notes from "Breast Cancer Do's and Don't" series

Cancer Causes; aluminum and iron Aluminum and iron are common to cancer

Cancer and Heavy Metal Toxicity Heavy Metal Suppression of the Immune System in Cancer

Cancer, Natural Treatments, lecture notes Lecture notes from Natural Treatments lecture and excerpts from upcoming book "Cancer Simplified".

Cancer - Testing for Heavy Metals How to test the body levels of toxic metals. Excerpt from upcoming book "Cancer Simplified".

Activated Charcoal How to thrive after you survive using charcoal remedies

Chemo: Relax, it’s just chemotherapy… Chemotherapy's sorry record and how stress affects the treatments

Chemotherapy and the Immune System Learn some of the appalling facts about chemotherapy and the so-called success rate thereof

Cholesterol: Exposing the Myth What is cholesterol and what is all the fuss about statin drugs?

Clay Detox For removing metals from the body

Coffee Enemas: A Most Powerful Treatment How coffee enemas detoxify the liver

Correcting the pH Balance How to correct the pH balance as it relates to cancer causes

The Danger of Symptomatic Labels ADHD, Autism and other labels are used for diagosis but correctly or wrongly applied carry a lifetime of consequences

Death by Medicine By Susan Stellpflug: Government Health Agencies are failing to protect the health of the American people.

Depression: The SAD State of America on Antidepressants Radio show notes from 4/3/12 Aratta Show

Diabetes Diet Plan Real Health Talk radio show 09/26/12

Diabetes: Why is Diabetes Rampant? Lecture notes 09/06/12

Down Syndrome Facts Facts that every parent of a child with Down Syndrome should know.

Down Syndrome Features Advanced teaching on some of the features and challenges for a child with Down Syndrome

Dyslexia - Solutions for How dyslexia occurs in brain development and how to fix it.

E - Vitamin E Story Find out the real story of vitamin E and how to buy the best form

Emotional Eating "The battle for the brain" How eating affects emotions and vice versa.

Emotions, Mixed Dominance and the Brain How brain organization causes emotionality

Epilepsy What is epilepsy, what causes it and are drug treatments succesful?

Eye Crossing and Eye Development  Lazy eye, ambliopia, crosseyed, walleyed: Causes of eye crossing in brain development.

Eye Developmental Milestones
Excerpt from Eye Development Milestones

an excerpt from the book Cancer Simplified

Fetal and Early Child Neuro Development Craig's lecture notes for Paradise Community College PSY240 Developmental Psychology

Flu Vaccines Don't let the flu vaccine get you! Out of the Box lecture notes

Fluoride: Placating a Nation Medication of America without informed consent. The dangers of fluoride

Fungus Among Us How to tell if you have a fungal overgrowth and what to do about it

GABA for hyperactivity and stress relief How GABA works in the brain and central nervous system

Gluten Free for Me Magazine article covering the benefits of gluten free eating

Gluten Free Products A comprehensive short-list for gluten free diets.

Gluten lecture notes From Out of the Box lecture

Gluten: The Whiter the Bread, the Sooner You’re Dead Lecture notes from Real Health Talk 4/22/12

GMO Lecture Notes 05/16/13 Nature's Health Shoppe lecture on GMO dangers

Gout: About the Gout Causes of gout and natural solutions

The HPV Vaccine A Vaccine That You will want to avoid at all cost

Kidney Stones Causes and Natural Solutions What causes kidney stones and how to get rid of them

Kombucha Tea  How I make kombucha tea

Lather, slather, lotions and potions Real Health Talk show notes 11/14/12

Laterality of the Brain How the brain hemispheres develop specific controls.

Listening and Learning The role of auditory function in learning.

Liver Cleanse How to flush out the gallstones from the liver and gallbladder

50 ways to love your liver! (Well, more or less…) Lecture notes from 3/25/12

Misguided Trust; America on Drugs Magazine article

Natural Foods, Natural Living Natural Awakenings Magazine article.

Neurodevelopment What is Neurodevelopment

Nightlights and Child Development How nightlights are bad for child eye development

Ozone for Cancer Treatment   Turning the ozone into the go zone

Pain: I Haven’t Got Time for the Pain Reliever What's wrong with OTR pain relievers, what causes pain and natural solutions for pain radio show notes from 3/27/12

Pain: Natural pain relievers beat big pharma drugs Natural solutions for pain relief

Pleoptic Therapy Pleoptic therapy for central detail vision eye development.

Positive Environment Lecture notes from The Positive Environment  PSY240 PVCC and Continuing Eduation

Preconception and Early Child Development Preconception and pregnancy planning

Prostate cancer treatments and options Effects of conventional prostate treatments and natural alternatives

Prostate cancer treatments bring smaller penis and lots of regrets Side effects of prostate cancer treatments

Regulating Iron An excerpt from the book Cancer Simplified

Remote Control by Susan Stellpflug: Television for education rather than giving control to whoever has the remote

Return to Babylon Lecture notes on why Christians get sick and remain sick

Sequential Processing What roles auditory and visual processing skills play in child development

To Shingle or not to Shingle Trading chickenpox for a worse case of shingles later

Soy: Is soy good for you or not? Falling for the soy-ploy

You don't know squat! An article about modern day stool habits

Testosterone: Dude! Who stole my sex drive? Lecture notes from Nature's Health Shoppe 1/24/13

Thriving or Surviving Magazine article on thriving in a toxic world

Thyroid Basics Thyroid 101: How the thyroid hormones are made and how the TSH functions

Thyroid: The Battle for the Thyroid Main causes of hypothyroidism

Thyroid Support A comprehensive article on thyroid function

Vaccines Additives Real Hea­­lth Talk Lecture 5/06/12

The Vaccine debate Is ethylmercury used in vaccines safe?

El debate de la vacuna ¿Es seguro el mercurio en las vacunas?

Vaccines, Encephilitis and the Brain Are vaccines a cause of encephalitis?

Vaccine Exemption Form Vaccine Exemption Form with references for parents to print out

Vaccine Religous Exemption Form Vaccine Religous Exemption Form with references for parents to print out

Vaccines: No Shots - No School - Not True!
Why vaccines are harmful.

Vaccines: Refusing Treatment for No Vaccines
Legal and Ethical Ramifications of Refusing to Treat Unvaccinated Children

Vaccine Safety Physician's Warranty Doctor pushing vaccines? Have him read and sign this.

La Mortal Vacuna Contra el VPH
  Una vacuna que usted debe evitar a toda costa

Vaccine Toxins A collection of excerpts from anti-vaccine lectures and blog discussions. Includes many valuable weblinks

Vitamins and Supplements: The magnificent 7 Lecture notes on the top 7 vitamins I recommend

Vitamin C fights cancer How much and what form do I take?

What’s In Your Vitamins? Lecture notes from vitamin seminar

What then can we eat? Real Health Talk lecture notes 6/03/12

What we eat and drink and put on: Real Health Talk Lecture 3/11/12

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