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Daily snippets are health posts on many varied topics made by Craig Stellpflug NDC. Permission is hereby granted to
copy/paste and/or share any of these posts, but only in their entirety to preserve the context of the information. This is
not to be construed as medical advice but is health news reporting and general health information. You have not paid
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Craig Stellpflug NDC (retired) is a neurodevelopment consultant from Healing Pathways Medical Clinic and a cancer
nutritionist from Dayspring Cancer Clinic in Oldtown Scottsdale, Arizona USA. Craig has 20 years of experience working
with neurodevelopment disorders like autism, ADHD, Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's and more. As a nutritionist,
Craig also has over 20 years of experience helping thousands upon thousands of people and their children recover lost
health due to bad diets and nutritional deficiencies.
Craig's blogs and health posts reach over a million people every week and are featured on this website as well as on
Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Twitter, Tumblr, Vaccination Information Network, WordPress, Cancer Sucks, Healing
Pathways Medical Clinic website, and also shared in many other places.

Craig and his wife Susan currently reside in Blaine Washington with their two remaining children at home.

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