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06/19/15 Popeye didn’t know this trivia: Wild dandelion leaves pack 8 times more antioxidants than conventional spinach and 40 times more antioxidants than wimpy iceberg lettuce. Health benefits from dandelion leaves include relief from liver disorders, diabetes, urinary disorders, acne, jaundice, cancer, anemia, while building bone and skin health and helping with weight loss.

06/12/15 Colorful carotenoid trivia: Human breastmilk is a complete source of nutrients, antibodies, growth factors, essential fatty acids and bioactive components such as carotenoids - all in a hopefully perfect balance for the developing infant. But did you know that American women fall up to 40% lower in some of these nutrients than levels tested in other country’s breastmilk?

06/05/15 Crazy trivia: Americans are just CRAZY for their prescription medications. In fact, 2014 brought an eye-popping 4.3 billion prescriptions filled at a pricey $374 billion. Yes, that’s with a ‘B’ for billion. The real question with all the medicine we take is: Are we actually getting healthier for taking it or getting sicker?

05/29/15 Resistance trivia: About 50% of inpatients in hospitals receive inappropriate antibiotic therapies and many of those are related to misdiagnoses. A whopping 38% of patients who actually did receive a correct diagnosis were still incorrectly given antibiotics. One CDC fact states that most deaths related to antibiotic resistance happen in healthcare settings such as hospitals and nursing homes. Question ALL offers for antibiotics if you really care about your health. The new resistance to antibiotics is saying “NO”.

05/22/15 Octogenarians now have a 50% chance of developing a severe loss of cognitive function according to the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation. What’s worse than that is the number of Alzheimer’s cases in the U.S. is expected to triple in the next 40 years. Did you know that people over 55 who receive annual flu shots for 5 years in a row increase their risk of developing Alzheimer’s by a whopping 1,000%? Do the math before rolling up your sleeve.

05/15/15 Dying for some milk trivia: Did you know that a baby calf cannot survive on store-bought pasteurized milk? Regular ole store-bought milk also often contains antibiotics, growth hormones, anti-inflammatory drugs, lipid regulators, anticonvulsants, beta-blockers, ethinylestradiol, up to 20 different kinds of painkillers along with detectable amounts of herbicides, pesticides and dioxins. Don't cry over this spilled milk…

05/08/15 The synergy of trivia: A dose of mercury small enough to kill only 1 out of 100 rats will kill ALL 100 rats when combined with a small dose of aluminum. Did you know that some vaccines have both a small dose of mercury and a small dose of aluminum? Without aluminum, the immune system doesn't respond aggressively to the vaccine antigen. Without mercury (thimerosal), funky things grow in multidose vials. According to Dr Boyd Haley of the University of Kentucky, mercury is still present in the "mercury-free" child vaccines, just in smaller amounts.

05/01/15 Airborne trivia: Did you know that people coming down with a cold can spread the virus for two days before the symptoms even start and for four days afterwards? Adults usually catch two or three colds each year but school-age children often have twelve or more colds in a year. The best time to fight a cold is before it catches. Good diet and extra GMO-free vitamin C helps a lot.

04/24/15 Dirty trivia: Would eat something dropped in the toilet? How about dropped in the kitchen sink? Well, the number two germiest place in your home is not your toilet! It is the kitchen sink... Toilets don’t even make the top 20 germiest things list. OK, so what is the number one germiest thing in the house? The average kitchen sponge…

04/17/15 Friday vitamin trivia: What does ‘RDA’ really stand for? The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for vitamin D was set by the IOM at 200-600 IUs a day. But new calculations published in the journal Nutrition calls for closer to 9,000 IUs a day for most people just to obtain optimal blood levels of vitamin D. Even really healthy people generally need about 2,400 IU per day to maintain their levels. So, RDA (according to the IOM) must mean ‘Ridiculously Deficient Amount’.

04/10/14 Americans pay up to 100% more for cancer drug treatments than patients in other countries - meanwhile, since 2000, the average cost of treatment in the US has also grown 100%. The number of people with cancer has also grown 100% for many cancer types since the 1950’s. A whopping 50% of all people will now have cancer in their lifetime. A few more years and that number will also reach right at 100%...

04/03/15 Don’t feed the fungi trivia: Fungal infections are reported to kill over 1.5 million people a year worldwide and more than 40% of victims with a systemic Candida albicans infection will die. Diet is largely responsible for allowing fungi like Candida to live in the human gut and branch out through the whole body like the roots of a tree. Studies show that grapefruit seed extract is far more effective than the best chemicals big pharma has.

03/27/15 Really hip trivia: What's the deal? The number of total hip replacements almost doubled in the last decade among 45-64 year oldsters according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. If you are 45 years old and already need a hip hacked out of your body and replaced, what the heck are you doing to yourself to get into that condition? This is just one more indicator of the declining health in America...

03/20/15 Dying over allergies trivia: Death from allergic reactions due to drugs has more than doubled in the last 10 years. Now hear this! Around 60% of all fatal allergic reactions are caused by drugs - not food allergies. In fact, only 7% of all allergy fatalities are caused by foods with bites and stings rounding in at 15%. Of course, in the national registry for anaphylaxis deaths caused by allergic reactions, the drugs that killed are almost never named and when they are, a majority of them are prescription antibiotics.

03/13/15 Fly away trivia: Not only do flies spread germs by landing on unmentionables and then visiting your food but flies cannot eat solid food so they vomit juices onto their meal to soften it up before sucking it back up.

03/06/15 Guilty of trivia: The National Eating Disorders Association has come up with the new eating disorder - orthorexia nervosa. This dreadful diagnosis stems from the extreme desire to eat pure food and is characterized by the iron clad will to enforce it... Guilty as charged! (now what we need is a drug to overcome that with, right?)

02/27/15 Trivia with gall: Because of our SAD (Standard American Diet) and use of chemical drugs, 1 out of 10 women and 1 out of 15 men in the US have gallstones and over 1 million people a year are hospitalized for gallstone disease. Pretty much all preventable and naturally treatable…

02/20/15 Four not-so-trivial HPV vaccine facts: You are 10 TIMES MORE LIKELY to commit suicide than to die of cervical cancer. The U.S. government holds patents on the Gardasil vaccine and earns royalties from the sale of every jab. People and families injured or killed by any vaccine including the Gardasil vaccine cannot sue any vaccine manufacturer because they have legal immunity from lawsuits in the U.S. Japan halted government recommendations for the HPV vaccine and began a full scale probe over its safety after a large amount of serious adverse reaction reports.

02/13/15 About 15% of all breast cancer cases a directly linked to obesity. Excess body weight causes an even higher rate for cancer in women across the globe, topping in at 5.4% of cancer cases where it is causing 1.9% in men. Obesity is reported to cause nearly half a million new cancer cases each year.

02/06/15 American children are the most highly vaccinated in the world - often receiving at least 49 doses in 14 different vaccines before the age of 6. End result: We still have mumps, measles, chickenpox, whooping cough and flu outbreaks BUT we also have the most chronically ill childhood populations among all the Western nations. Could our inordinate affair with drugs and vaccines also contribute to the fact that cancer will now strike one out every two people?

01/30/15 A full half of Americans only spend on average $236 a year in health care - way less than one month's premium these days. So, while you're getting fleeced from insurance rates and requirements, insurance companies are still getting RICH. They don’t do what they do to lose money…

01/23/15 Killer pain-killer trivia: There are four times more deaths among women from prescription painkillers than from cocaine and heroin deaths combined. Prescription drug fatalities more than doubled among teens from 2000 to 2008. The most abused prescription drugs are OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax, and Soma. Painful facts...

01/16/15 Fifty-five + trivia: Recently posted in Healthcare and Public Policy Implications - it has been calculated from the results of clinical dietary supplement studies that if every American over the age of 55 took omega-3 supplements there would be a $2.1 billion savings per year in healthcare costs. I wonder how much human suffering that would save also...

01/09/15 Americans now spend over $2.7 trillion dollars on health care each year. This is roughly one out of every six dollars spent and is more money than is spent on food. Top this fact with the estimation that approximately 20% percent of health care spending is spent for nothing because of system inefficiencies.

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