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06/24/15 'Female Viagra'? No such thing. There is a warmed up leftover reject of a failed antidepressant drug named flibabserin - reborn with the new name “Addyi”. But, the redubbed Addyi failed so badly as a female arousal drug in study trials that it only "improved" female sex desire by a measly 0.3 points on a 6-point scale when compared to a placebo. Furthermore, while a meager 10% of females actually reported any benefits at all, 15% of women had to quit the trial cold-turkey with nausea, dizziness, low blood pressure and other extreme side effects. Heck, this drug is even linked to causing cancer! So, how in hell’s damned creation did this ludicrous progeny of Satan make recent FDA muster? Uh, media frenzy and “public demand” spawned by a Big Pharma campaign of "women's rights activists" (bought and paid for by the same benevolent company that makes the drug). If you can read this, then you can see that FDA must stand for Fraud, Deception and Amorality as the agency flippantly signs off on an evil drug that Falsely Dupes Americans into Fetish Driven Absurdity. It is high-time to tell the FDA to Forthwith Desist and Abdicate. Don’t EVEN git me started…

06/17/15 Want to conceive? Are you having problems conceiving? NOW HEAR THIS: Naproxen, iclofenac, and etoricoxib are OTC pain-killers that are causing MAJOR ovulation problems in women. These recent study numbers tell it all: Women taking diclofenac (Cambia, Zipsor, Zorvolex) only ovulate 6.3% of the time! Women taking naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn) fare somewhat better, coming in at a paltry 25% of ovulation. And zeroing in at 27% of ovulation are those taking Eetoricoxib. Uh, notice that those in the control group (who took NONE of these chemical OTC pain relievers) ovulated an amazing 100% of the time. The undeniable truth is that taking these Big Pharma chemicals to mask pain and inflammation symptoms brings a devastating effect on fertility. But wait, there’s more! Do you have ovarian cysts? A full 1-out-of-3 of these study participants who took these NSAIDS also developed functional cysts in just 10 days! Did you know that some 30 million people take this legal poison every day? Pharmakeia is what deceives the nations in the book of Revelations in the bible. Are we there yet?

06/10/15 Give antibiotics to an infant and sentence them to allergies, autoimmune disorders, obesity and an elevated risk for infectious diseases later in life. At least that’s what the latest study out of the University of Minnesota says. Researchers reaffirmed what many other studies already say: early antibiotics just totally mess up the gut, metabolism and the immune system. This is called ‘dysbiosis’ - where profound negative and lasting changes occur in the gut microbiome. In fact, just one lousy dose of antibiotics permanently changes the gut bacteria where digestion occurs, neurochemicals are manufactured and the majority of the immune system is built and regulated. Antibiotics annihilate key gut bacteria that regulate immune system responses to keep allergens at bay - gut bacteria cells that regulate metabolism are snuffed out, slowing metabolism and increasing levels of health-wrecking short-chain fatty acids - and neurochemicals that support salubrious mental health cannot be properly assembled. Heck, the use of antibiotics is even directly tied to developmental delays. Antibiotics should always be a last resort - not a palliative token to cover up a failed diagnosis.

06/03/15 Chemo brain is cognitive impairment that occurs in many cancer patients treated with Big Pharma interventions like radiation, hormone, and chemotherapy. This is technically brain damage that occurs during and shortly after cancer treatment that causes forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, problems recalling information, trouble multi-tasking and a general slowing down at processing information. The sad fact is that up to 70% of conventional treatment cancer patients experience this kind of cognitive damage. Men undergoing androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for prostate cancer actually experience chemo brain rates at higher than other treatment rates. The real butt-kicker of all this is that chemo brain is one of the milder side effects of medical cancer treatment. The overall 5-year “survival” rate for chemotherapy treated patients is a lousy 2.1%. Choose wisely when you consider taking chemicals or radiation to treat problems rooted in diet, lifestyle and pollutants. A lack of chemo/radiation didn’t cause your lousy diet and chemo/radiation truly won’t fix your cancer!

05/27/15 Warning: This is NOT what is taught in medical school! When vaccinations for smallpox began, smallpox cases among the vaccinated were soon reported but denied. Authorities next claimed that the disease in these cases was milder in form but the vaccinated still caught the disease and even died at higher rates than others - so they next recorded that these hapless victims didn’t actually die of smallpox to hide the whole embarrassment. The smallpox deaths of vaccinated patients were then recorded as ‘pustular eczema.’ A quick look at statistics recorded by the Registrar General of London shows that smallpox deaths from 1850 to 1869 occurred at the rate of about 2% of the population and after compulsory vaccination the death rate sky-rocketed to over 10% to level off at just over 8% in 1872. What really happened with newfound vaccination was the turn of events in health care where physicians, for the first time in history, charged money to attend the healthy instead of being limited merely to sick care.

05/20/15 Here is an interesting C-section fact: Fecal samples from infants are different between vaginal births and C-section births. The baby's gut microbiome changes according to the way they are delivered and the C-section baby’s gut bacteria is significantly less similar to their mothers as compared to those that deliver vaginally. Why is this so important for the infant? Gut bacteria helps shape the nutrients and vitamins derived from both their food and breastmilk to benefit the growing baby to the max. This critical digestive process in the infant helps produce vital essential amino acids and plays a significant role in metabolism, immunity, and also child behavior. Of course, choosing to breastfeed also impacts the microbiome heavily - but still, C-section births can impact the infant negatively all the way through adulthood. Did you know that the US has one of the highest C-section rate in the world - crowding 1 out of 3 births into the medical procedure that cuts the baby out of the womb? Medical madness at its finest…

05/13/15 Cancer is BIG BUSINESS for Big Pharma and over-priced cancer drugs get pushed through for FDA approvals with very poor trial methodology. A majority of these deadly concoctions have little effect on the longevity of patients but certainly drain the cash right out of the victims’ bank accounts. Did you know that of the 71 new drugs approved by the FDA between 2002 to 2014 for solid tumor treatment, they only brought a miserable average of just of two additional months of patient survival time? This is, of course, without any improvement in quality of life… The world is holding its breath and praying for the miracle cancer cure but it won’t come for two reasons: There is way too much money to be made without producing a cancer cure AND cancer is not a disease in the first place! You heard me. Not only is there no money in cures but cancer is merely symptoms of things gone wrong in the body. Science can’t cure cancer but the body sure can - if you remove the causes and support the body where it is needed. Bottom line, cancer is not caused by a lack of chemo/radiation and scientific interventions.

05/06/15 The short-term relief from Big Pharma’s acid reflux Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) packs some long-term side-effects and risks. Among the litany of harm done by PPIs, a recent study shows that PPIs inflict H-E double hockey sticks on the kidneys - including more than doubling the risk of kidney failure in seniors. So, the Big Pharma spin doctors came out with this fairy-tale fact that PPIs have an overall risk level of less than 1%. What they didn’t say is that the 1% includes ALL people - like including everyone who doesn’t take these drugs in the first place. But if you look closely at this “new math” reporting ploy, people who don’t take PPIs suffer kidney failure at 0.54% - but people who take PPIs actually suffer kidney failure at the rate of 1.349%. Uh, that’s actually some 250% more kidney failure in real world numbers and not a real risk level of less than 1%. Big Pharma must take us for idiots. Try taking some lemon juice next time reflux visits you. If the reflux goes away - you need more stomach acid, not less. If lemons don’t help, drink some fresh cabbage juice. Either way, don’t buy into the Big Pharma spiel.

04/29/15 The modern vaccine herd immunity theory is actually only a hypothesis and not a theory. Originally coined in the 30’s by a researcher studying measles patterns (long before the measles vaccine), the assumption was that epidemics of measles only occurred when natural immunity levels in the ‘herd’ fell below 68%. Hedrich’s ‘herd immunity theory’ was all about natural disease processes and had nothing to do with vaccinations. However, some decades later, vaccinologists appropriated the phrase and imposed a completely conjured number that increased their herd immunity numbers to 95% of vaccinated kiddos. Because of this and so much other industry propaganda and misinformation concerning childhood diseases and immunizations, the unvaccinated child is often treated like a pariah in society and the parents categorized as criminals. Here’s a thinker for you: If vaccines actually work, why should you be afraid of my unvaccinated kid in the first place? Oh, and that 95% number hasn’t worked out either.

04/22/15 Acetaminophen is now used in more than 600 different medicines. Every single week some 52 million people in the US take it. But did you know that acetaminophen is the single largest cause of acute liver failure in the country? Bet you also didn’t know that one of the “side effects” of acetaminophen (main ingredient in Tylenol) is that it also blunts positive emotions. Acetaminophen has been swallowed by Americans for over 70 years and it has just been revealed in a study that it also works against positive emotions. So, the big news is that the liver-killing chemical that dulls pain (less and less the more you use it), also dulls emotions in general. It is now even being touted as an “all-purpose emotion reliever." Feeling a bit down-in-the-mouth about something? Feeling a bit too happy about something? Pop another Tylenol. Even if it does land you in the ER and up your chances for winning the cancer lotto, you won’t care either way!

04/15/15 How many times does something need to fail before repeating it becomes insanity? Medical madness seems to think at least 7 times. Yes 7 vaccinations against pertussis is what they think will finally ‘protect’ a child against whooping cough. Uh, maybe it isn’t going to work because two very recent studies have found a vast majority of people getting sick with whooping cough are actually up to date with their immunizations… One study by Kaiser Permanente found the pertussis vaccine effectiveness to be as low as 24%. Even so, mucky mucks at the CDC are still shaming/blaming people and their children who are not up to date with their immunizations for the spread of the disease. Here’s a thinker for you: What if the vaccination is spreading the very disease it is ‘protecting’ children against? This is a phenomena called shedding - where a freshly vaccinated child sheds the vaccination form of the disease and spreads it around like peanut butter. FYI: Children with a vitamin A deficiency fare the worst during a bout with whooping cough.

04/08/15 The spin doctor is in! SIDS rates are declining and actually fell 90% in 2001. That’s big news and that’s what they want you to believe. But a closer inspection of infant deaths shows that the same period had a significant rise in infant deaths attributed to ‘suffocation in bed’ and ‘unknown causes.’ In fact, the total post-neonatal mortality rate has hardly changed at all. Today, the trend is for the death-certifier (who previously classified these incidences as SIDS death) to call it ‘suffocation,’ or ‘unknown’ or ‘unspecified death’. The Back to Sleep campaign dropped the SIDS rates by 8.6% but raised the ‘suffocation in bed’ incidences by 11.2% - (along with bringing on yet another disorder: flat head syndrome). Dr. William Torch of the University of the Nevada School of Medicine reports that, out of 103 children’s death from SIDS, two-thirds of them died within three weeks of having been immunized with DPT vaccine. On a related note, did you know that a mere 100 mg a day of vitamin C given to an infant prevents SIDS?

04/01/15 How about a toxic vaccine that fails over 99% of the time? Would you hurry in to get this vaccine that’s laced with aluminum and phenol? In 2014, a government committee stepped up to recommend that PCV13 - the pneumonia vaccine that is meant to prevent both pneumococcal disease and community acquired pneumonia - be injected into all adults over the age of 65. Well, a recent JAMA article shows that with the PCV13 vaccine, a whopping 27,800 people need to receive the vaccine just to prevent one case of pneumococcal disease - an absolute failure rate of 99.99%. The absolute failure rate for community acquired pneumonia prevention with this vaccine is 99.94%. Amazingly, Pfizer’s numbers in the same report shows a “relative risk” success rate of 45% with this same PCV13 vaccine. Despite all of these numbers, the latest medical guidelines advise doctors to push two of these whopper pneumococcal vaccine injections on every adult.

03/25/15 Breast cancer survivors that go the conventional medicine route have more than a 50 times risk of now facing thyroid cancer. First the doctors slice and dice your lady parts then make you glow like a radium watch dial at night from a prolonged assault with radiation while they jack you over with chemotherapy drugs that make you sick enough to die - literally… Did you know that if you never get breast cancer, your risk of thyroid cancer is 0.3%? That’s 1 out of 300 ladies. BUT! If you are ever treated for breast cancer your 10-year chances for thyroid cancer leaps to 50 out of 300. This is IF you survive the treatments at all - which only 1.4% of chemo-treated breast cancer cases actually make it 5 years according to the publication Clinical Oncology. Truth be told, most breast tumors need no treatment at all. Breast cancer is merely a symptom of something gone awry in the body and chemotherapy, radiation and surgery never treat the root causes. If you are ever diagnosed with any type of cancer at all, beat feet to a good nutritionist post-haste and seek out a successful naturopathic physician experienced in natural cancer treatment. Or become a repeat cancer customer for the medical system until you are dead - or worse yet, sick, broke and left for dead.

03/18/15 Some drugs work like magic - but magic always comes with a price! In the latest drug-mugging, scientists are slowly discovering how anti-clotting medications help you lose your mind a little at a time. Warfarin may actually be your stand-by ticket to Alzheimer’s. Warfarin and similar rat-poison drugs work by depleting your natural vitamin K. But here’s where the problems only begin. Vitamin K is crucial for maintaining sphingomyelin that helps you remember things (dementia anyone?). Spingomyelin is also found in red blood cells (anemia anyone?) and is critical for retinal health (blindness anyone?). Did you know that a lot of victims… er, patients… are on warfarin because they have intracellular deficiencies in copper? Oh, the doctor might actually check your plasma levels for copper but they never check inside the cells where copper does its job. So, you are checked for plasma copper levels. You have plenty but your blood clots too easily, you are at risk for stroke and maybe are anemic. BLAMMO! Here comes the magic prescription pad along with Coumadin or Jantoven. Meanwhile the cause of your symptoms are escaping untreated and you are now logging more dangerous side effects than drug company package inserts have room for. Find the cause and fix it.

03/11/15 Ok people, if this doesn’t convince you that vaccines are NOT safe then nothing will - and you drank the Kool-aid. The FDA (Fatal Drugs Allowed) recently approved the manufacturing of vaccines from human cancer tumors. WHAT? WHY? #1 Producing vaccines with cells directly derived from human cancer tumors is faster and cheaper than breeding animals for the culture media. And #1 again - millions of dollars will be made by vaccine promoters. So what are the implications? #1 Millions of potentially cancer-causing vaccines will hit the market that could cause genetic mutations and cancer. And #1 again - the lives of millions of sheople could be jeopardized. No human testing, just animal testing for mere weeks and months… The vaccine proponents even admit that the cancer-factor might not show up for decades after a tumor produced vaccine is administered. Now here is the real kicker: Information about the vaccines’ manufacturing process will be hidden from everyone - doctors, nurses and victims! But what the hell, cancer will now strike one out of two people so let’s go ahead for a perfect one out of one. We are not getting healthier with our inordinate affair with medical science. Keep doing what you are doing and keep getting what you are getting.

03/04/15 The front-line pain drug for arthritis pain is aspirin. But the one “side effect” of aspirin and other NSAIDs and even osteoarthritis drugs that you never hear about is that they actually inhibit natural cartilage repair in the body while accelerating the destruction of the remaining cartilage. This of course leads to heavier doses of drugs and brings faster destruction of the original problem which brings even more and heavier duty drugs which brings more destruction which… (get the picture?). Anyone else see the conundrum here? If you have joint problems I highly suggest avoiding conventional treatment at the onset of problems and start with a radical nutrition and lifestyle change. This is because a vast majority of chronic joint troubles are rooted in diet and lifestyle. Either change now or start saving up for the ever-popular joint replacement - which still only treats the symptoms and the cycle repeats in other joints. Want to accelerate cancer and other diseases? Keep swallowing the mainstream medical lies.

02/25/15 Which is worse: having a naturally treatable UTI or doubling your risk of death by swallowing the Big Pharma “medical treatment” for a common UTI? It turns out that it's not the UTI infection you need to worry about as much as the killer drugs they use to “treat” it. A new study found that combining the antibiotic trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole long with the cancer-causing diuretic drug spironolactone (commonly used to treat UTIs) can quickly jack your body’s potassium levels all the way to the undertaker. Of course, either of these drugs is nasty enough standing alone. Do you want to know what beats drugs hands-down in studies? Cranberries! Drinking cranberry juice can successfully treat even recurring UTIs. Do you think that your UTI is extra ornery? Jazz things up with 1tsp of colloidal silver in each 8oz glass of cranberry juice you drink. Just don’t buy the sugared cranberry fruit punch crapola. Most docs don’t know (or won’t admit knowing) any of this stuff so always do your own research before swallowing any drugs.

02/18/15 So, here’s my plan: I am going to mix up a tiny bit of mercury, some formaldehyde, aluminum, antifreeze, and some virus particles from the snot of a flu victim cultured in aborted baby fetal and dead animal tissue. Then I’ll mix them in with peanut oil and inject myself, my wife and my kiddos with it. That should make me a good parent by today’s medical standard, right?… (don't call CPS on me) Yet we pay our doctors to inject our bodies with the same ingredients and they tell us “this will keep you from getting sick.” Chemical concoctions do NOT prevent disease and NEVER will - but the human immune system can. Trying to fool the human immune system will either piss it off badly (cytokine storm), or you weaken the immune system to allow degenerative diseases to take over. This is not good logic peeps and the madness has to stop!

02/11/15 In 2014 there were 644 reported cases of measles in the US - in spite of the fact that 95% or more of kindergarteners have received two doses of the MMR vaccine. So, one dose quit working, now two doses won’t work, so I guess this means that three doses will work? The fact is that in the last 10 years I can only find 4 deaths attributed to measles in the US but 108 deaths reported through VAERS with MMR vaccine reactions. Because of the failure of sacred vaccines to prevent measles, coupled with the lies and deception surrounding the exclusive licensing of the MMR vaccine to Merck, some parents are turning to “measles parties”. After all, once you have contracted measles naturally, youhave permanent immunity for the rest of your life. Here is something to consider: Health complications from measles occur mainly in undernourished children and children with vitamin A deficiencies. Even if your child has had two or even three doses of the MMR, they can still get the measles. My best advice is to feed your kids healthy fresh foods high in vitamin A whether you choose to gamble on the vaccine or not.

02/07/15 I’m going to try to put this to rest for you here and now. The CDC is renewing their call for MMR vaccines and the provaccers are having a field day screaming about “unvacced kiddos causing the latest measles outbreak”. Even Obama (not a medical expert) is telling everyone to line up and take their shot-in-the-dark. But here is what pokes a hole in all this whole measles ruckuss and should silence the posturing medically-minded people: Did you know that there are 24 different measles strains? Did you know that the measles shot only covers one of those strains? Well, what you won’t hear from the mainstream is that the CDC ran the genotype of the latest Mickey Mouse Measles strain and lo and behold - it is not the one in the MMR vaccine! It is strain "B3" and the MMR only contains the "A" strain. The MMR will not give you any kind of protection for the 23 other strains of measles and only offers limited protection (if any at all) against the type A strain. So, next time some bleeding heart provaccer turns on the tears because your unvacced kiddo could give their kids the measles - just nod and walk away.

02/04/15 Cancer radiation treatments are one of the medical front-line cancer treatment methods used today. Meanwhile, taught in courses for Radiotherapy is the fact that numerous studies show that radiation treatment for cancer can lead to the development of new cancers. When scientists looked at some 10,000 people with cancer that were exposed to radiation, over 10% of them that “survived” the primary cancer then developed a "second primary cancer". Of course, the younger the age of irradiation, the higher the lifetime risk of cancer AND the higher the dose of radiation, the higher the rate of secondary primary cancers. Radiation therapy does untold and irreversible damage to cells in the body and once a healthy cell is bombarded with radiation from radiation procedures, treatments or other high-radiation events, the cell sometimes is unable to make repairs but still continues to reproduce mutated cells every time it divides - until it progresses into clinical cancer. That’s a repeat customer…

01/28/15 So, we are all told that vaccines are not only safe but that not taking them can kill you. Parents are under tremendous pressure, being told that refraining from vaccination increase the child’s risk of dying or being disabled. The antivaccers are labeled as 'crazy' and 'irresponsible' and are accused of putting the lives of others in danger. Meanwhile, the CDC itself boldly denies any evidence between vaccines and infant deaths. But did you know that a new study in the Journal of Pediatrics shows that 51% of SIDS deaths are directly linked to the Hib vaccine? In fact, the peak age for SIDS is between 2 and 4 months old - the exact same time that the CDC tells you to start the primary course of vaccinations. SIDS is the 3rd leading cause of death in infants in the U.S. (which BTW has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the developed world along with the highest infant vaccine rates). The CDC casually writes these deaths off to “infants sleeping on their tummies”… Wrong again CDC! If you want your infant to survive vaccines it is my opinion that IF you are going to vaccinate at all, put them off until after 12 months and then take it very slow and easy. Delay the vaccines and break them up separate. Load the child up with vitamin C before any shot and avoid giving them Tylenol before and after vaccinations.

01/21/15 HPV shot Deja-moo: HPV vaccine pushers have come up with some amazing facts to back up the “success” of HPV vaccinations. A recent pro-HPV vaccine study claims that cervical cancer rates are much-much lower in states with more HPV shots. These shysters report that in the lower percent HPV vaccinated state of Arkansas, the cervical cancer rate is 10 out of 100,000 women as compared to Massachusetts (with a much higher vaccination rate), that boasts only 6 cases per 100,000. Uh, first off, what they are neglecting to tell you is that these are the exact same cervical cancer rates that occurred PRIOR to 2006 when the HPV vaccine came out (actually, Arkansas had a slightly lower cervical cancer rate in 2005 than in 2006). Secondly, cervical cancer generally appears in ladies in their late 40’s. So how is a vaccine given to pre-teens starting in 2006 going to affect the rates of cancer some 30 years later but is somehow magically conjured into a study in just 9 years? Meanwhile, back in the real world, there have been over 30,000 reports of adverse events directly linked to the Gardasil HPV with young girls suffering permanent nerve damage, seizures, blindness, memory loss, death and more. The only true HPV prevention doesn’t come in an ampule and syringe - it is called abstinence.

01/14/15 Some of the biggest short-term harm associated with mammography is the overdiagnosis and overtreatment of tumors that never would even become clinically evident in a woman's lifetime. A study in the British Medical Journal revealed that a whopping 70% of the women referred to oncologists after mammograms did not actually have cancer. Another article in The Lancet says that 93% of mammogram referrals to oncologists were actually false-positives. Lydia Pace MD is a cancer researcher who says”…existing data suggest that we have been overestimating the benefits of mammography and underestimating the harms over the years." The ‘harm over the years’ is the fact that for every 1 cancer found with mammography, 10 cancers are caused in the long haul according to a meta study also reported in the Lancet.

01/07/15 Flu vaccine de-ja-moo: The flu vaccine supposedly “protects” against three or four strains of flu but this year’s virus has dodged the vaccines (again) and the CDC now says that the mutated strain, H3N2, is infecting most people. A 2014 study shows that a whopping 217 people must be vaccinated with Fluzone High Dose to “prevent” just one lousy case of normal flu. But 30% of people who take the flu shot have adverse reactions and most of those events are equal to or worse than getting the flu in the first place. So, this begs the question: Is Vaccination immunization? Can vaccination actually replace natural immunity? Doesn't happen folks... The vaccination process artificially simulates and bypasses the natural immune system process, bringing with it a swath of adverse consequences - some immediately evident and some hidden for decades. Chemical detergents, anti-freeze, heavy metals, xenotrophic retroviruses, DNA from aborted fetuses and materials from other species are mixed together in vaccines and then tossed willy-nilly at the immune system. Vaccines override and bypass normal immune responses to activate killer cells which can trigger an overproduction of cytokines that damage tissues and organs and can even stop the heart and block air pathways - much like whacking a big beehive with a short stick... The vaccination paradigm is so dangerous that vaccine manufacturers are protected by and underwritten by the government instead of the private sector - which would swiftly go bankrupt paying out claims to the injured.

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