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Real Health Talk radio show archives

Real Health Talk Radio Show Archives

With talk show host Craig Stellpflug

Getting a good night's sleep Troubles with sleep? Here's a look at causes and natural solutions 04/16/13

Taking a virtual shopping trip Part I
Looking at good and bad foods at the grocery store 04/02/13

Enviromental Hazards 101 The danger lurking

Food Latest show on how food is our foundation for health 2/19/13

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Cancer is not a death sentence
Real Health Talk Show on how cancer gets its foothold and what you can do about it - naturally. 11/21/12

Lather, slather, lotions and potions Real Health Talk show download 11/14/12

GMOs - send them back!
Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the insidious threat of these killers.11/07/12

Nutritional cooking Tips and secrets to get the most nutrients out of your food 10/24/12

The misdiagnosed ADHD What's going on with all this ADHD? Show on ADHD causes and solutions 10/17/12

Scary flu shot show
October Real Health Talk special on how toxic the flu vaccines are and how they really don't work 10/10/12

Natural Childbirth Childbirth is an event - not a medical procedure. Real Health Talk radio show 10/03/12

Diabetes Solutions Real Health Talk radio show 09/26/12 Notes for diabetes diet

Diabetes on the rise Facts about diabetes causes and solutions 9/05/12

Talking about cancer  We talk about cancer causes and treatment alternatives 8/01/12

All about fasting
A show dedicated to fasting 7/18/12  

Antibiotics making you sick
Talking about the effects of antibiotics and our backwards thinking about the germ theory. 7/11/12

Real Health Talk about the thyroid
4th of July special health talk show and ivterview by Zee with the topic of thyroid. Radio show download from 07/04/12

Why Christians Get and Stay Sick
Bible lesson on sickness and the beginnings and end of Babylon. Last segment is on natural childbirth. El Shaddai Radio show file for download. 6/19/12

The SAD State of America on Antidepressants
What antidepressants are doing to us in America Plus - some alternatives to drugs! 90 minute show on El Shaddai Radio file download 4/03/12

I Havenít Got Time for the Pain Reliever 90 minute weekly show: What's wrong with OTR pain relievers, what causes pain and natural solutions for pain. Radio show podcast 3/27/12

Vitamin Talk on the Aratta Show
90 minute weekly show with host "Zee" about vitamins Podcast 3/20/12

Health and Nutrition on the Aratta Show
90 minute show with host "Zee" talking about health and nutrition Podcast 3/13/12

ADHD with Dr Cooper Live and be Well Show
Dr Cooper talks with Craig about ADHD

Law of Distraction Show with Joe Carraccio Hear Joe interview Craig and talk about distractions that keep us from being our best

Part I Carol Blonder personal interview with Craig

Carol Blonder of Networking Arizona radio show interviews Craig. Topic: brain development, how the brain develops

Part II Carol Blonder personal interview with Craig

Carol Blonder of Networking Arizona radio show interviews Craig. Topic: brain development and drug side effects

January 23rd 2009 Brain Development Lecture

4 minute excerpt from brain lecture given by Craig to the Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce

December 26th 2009 Pain in the Assets

ADHD misdiagnosed. No such thing as a "child failure". We fail the child. Every child is born a potential genius.

December 19th 2009 What's up with Downs

Get the scoop on Down Syndrome with special guest Charlene Montoya Acupuncturist and mom to a child with Down Syndrome

December 12th 2009 Forsaking Wisdom for Knowledge

Have we forsaken the wisdom of nutrition for the science of knowledge? with Alisha Chasey Nutritionist of Innocent Indulgence

December 5th 2009 Arrested Development

What happens to the addictions victims emotional development and how to find the way out with Geffen Liberman LISAC

November 28th 2009 It's a stretch!

Yoga can relax and detox the body, relieve pain and release emotional baggage!
Rebecca Hagman yogini at East West Exchange

November 21st 2009 The growing fringe

How natural health seekers avoid the mainstream medicine scene and dwell on the fringes with Chip Semrau owner of East West Exchange

November 14th 2009 eating for fun and for profit

How to eat your way out of a health deficit with Alisha Chasey Nutritionist of Innocent Indulgence

November 7th 2009 Adjusting the Malfunction Junction

Using low impact chiropractics with the Pro Adjuster to alleviate body malfunction and pain with Dr Anthony Bozecevic

October 31st 2009 Piggy went to market!

Piggy went to market and got a big fat flu shot! What happened next and how to overcome the flu naturally with Dr Andrew Dickens NMD

October 24th 2009 Wronging your Rights

Who's wronging your rights? Learning to identify and defend your health rights when they are wronged with Yuri Nielsen managing attorney for Pincus and Nielsen

Yuri's article page 8

October 17th 2009 "Gut Reactions"

Autism is not just a "disorder" of the brain but also a "gut reaction. Special guests Dr Andrew Dickens and Alisha Chasey CNS

October 10th 2009 "Pins and Needles"

Using Chinese Acupuncture to "pinpoint" your health ills, detox your body and relieve pain with guest Dr John Montoya DOM

October 3rd 2009 "Misguided Trust"

Don't place your health in the wrongs hands and lose it because of "Misguided Trust" with guest Dr Andrew Dickens NMD

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